Inside HT

There are many ways to get involved at Holy Trinity, in its social life, its many faith-based activities, in our worship and in the upkeep of the church building itself. We are always looking for willing people to undertake these roles:

Rose Window> Readers for the lessons at the Sunday services;
> Intercessors to lead thoughtful prayers on Sunday morning;
> Sidespeople to help to welcome people into the church;
> Hymn-choosers to ensure that we maintain variety and liveliness in our worship;
> Cleaners to keep the church open and sparkling;
> Flower arrangers to bring and arrange flowers that lift the spirit;
> Leaders and helpers for Junior Church and the creche
> Servers to assist in services.

We also have a lively Parochial Church Council (PCC). Its primary duty is to help the clergy promote the church's mission and it has particular responsibilities for the church's finances and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and contents.  Members of the PCC are elected annually.

There are three groups that are each responsible for a different aspect of the church's affairs:

'Growing Up'  - which considers worship and spiritual matters;
'Growing Together'  - which considers how to build the church socially;
'Growing Out'  -  which considers how we can reach out more effectively and serve the local community.

If you would like to get involved in any of these activities please just click here. Although these three groups report to the PCC, membership is drawn from across the church, so you don't have to be on the PCC to join the group of your choice.

If you prefer the idea of communal working, we have two working weekends a year where the church and its halls are cleaned, painted and repaired. These days can be great fun as well as being very useful and a good way to get to know people. We plan to offer our working weekends outside the church in the near future so that we can help appropriate local people and groups who are looking for enthusiastic labour.