Strengthening the Church

From time to time we have a Church 'Awayday', to which everyone is invited. It is highly participative and is usually focused on exploring an important issue for the church and its future. The aim of the Awayday is to give us an opportunity to review what we do and make sure that we serve our congregation and the wider community as well as possible.

HT Members 2Keeping the church buildings in good order can be a big job. Fortunately we have a team of enthusiastic volunteers in the congregation who can help. Over two weekends a year we put on our overalls, grab our paintbrushes (or other implements) and set to work. The events are friendly, fun and have the major benefit of making a real difference.  Workers enjoy a free communal lunch, and most report that these workparties are great fun. We are now working to extend our help to groups outside the church who are struggling in poorly maintained premises.

Holy Trinity is surrounded by gardens on its corner site. A team of volunteers from the congregation work hard to keep the gardens colourful and attractive all year round.