Tower Appeal

What is the problem? view of north face of church including tower

Our tower needs structural repairs to ensure it will remain safe for decades to come. We would also like to raise money to restore the wall paintings in the baptistery beneath, and ultimately to install a kitchenette and more storage space to improve use of the church's north aisle for meetings.

The cost is estimated at £300000. So we are raising money from grant-making bodies but also trying to collect funds ourselves. Our Tower Appeal co-ordination group organises events and occasional sales after the church's main Sunday morning service. To date, this activity has raised nearly £12000 of a desired total of £15000.

We are committed to this work because the tower is a visible local landmark and a symbol of all that we are and all that we strive to be.

How may I help?

Donations can be made online via our MyDonate website or  by cheque, payable to "Holy Trinity Church Tower Appeal". Please post to Holy Trinity Church, 74 Trinity Road, London SW17 7RH. As always it helps even more if you are able to GiftAid your donation.

Our building is important to the community

Our buildings, includinlooking up at our towerg the tower, enhance and enrich our mission of being a place, space and congregation who are here for all who walk through the doors and for the local community around us.

So we will consider almost any idea to raise money for this beautiful church. In recent months we have had a special Gift Day to encourage donations, "Pop Up" sales of goods such as cakes, marmalade and herb plants after our 10am service on Sunday mornings, giving our congregation Smarties tubes to fill with £1 coins and 20p pieces, and sales of prints of the church. We have also held larger events such as an International Lunch with cuisine from many countries.