Holy Trinity Upper Tooting

The church with the open doors

The Lectern

Lectern 3Holy Trinity’s brass eagle lectern was installed in 1898. The lectern is in the form of an eagle, the symbol of St John the Evangelist, who wrote St John’s Gospel. The eagle represents grace, strength, keenness of vision and powers of flight. It was believed to be able to look straight into the sun, symbolising the journey towards eternity.

The lectern is the stand on which the Bible rests, and from where readings are read during the service. To find out more about the history of the lectern through the ages see here.

Lectern 2Holy Trinity’s lectern was a generous gift from a parishioner, Mr Albert Taylor, a churchwarden, during a period of growth and vitality in parish life.  It cost £40. The vicar made several appeals to find a donor –  the lectern seems to have been a less popular gift than some other items – but eventually Mr Taylor came forward. The lectern is described in more detail here.